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Classic Towel Rack (2 Ft.)

Classic Towel Rack (2 Ft.)

We are the manufacturers of classic towel rack that are designed with a special triangle scheme. These provide practical and beautiful decorations to the bathroom. In conformation with various international standards, these are highly appreciated for their dimensional accuracy and corrosion resistance.

Following are the specifications in which these are provided:

Product Name Product Code Towel Rack Size
Titanium Towel Rack MTTR498 2 Ft
Platinium Towel Rack MTRP499 2 Ft
Royal Towel Rack MTR500, MTR502 2 Ft
  MTR501 2.0 Ft
  MTR502 2.1/2 Ft
Classic Towel Rack MTR503 1.1/2 Ft
  MTR503 1.1/2 Ft
  MTR504 2.0 Ft
  MTR505 2.1/2 Ft
Royal Double Towel Rack MTR506 1.1/2 Ft
  MTR506 2.0 Ft
  MTR506 2.1/2 Ft
Folding Towel Rack MTR507 1.1/2Ft
  MTR508 2.0 Ft
  MTR509 2.1/2 Ft
  MTR510 3.0 Ft